Indigo Road


  1. ‍Cathedral Cave
  2. ‍Indigo Road
  3. Denali
  4. Overland
  5. Pinetops
  6. Blue Norther
  7. Chocolate Factory
  8. Rosa
  9. Uncharted Waters
  10. Sycamore
  11. Dowland's Goodnight
  12. Early Christmas Morning
  13. Gigue
  14. Thistleheart
  15. Over the Green Earth
  16. Augusta

Historically the lute player and the composer of lute music were one and the same. Ronn McFarlane has returned to that time, with this dazzling and beautiful recording of his own compositions for the lute. He has made a recording of very accessible music as his stays true to the title song, Indigo Road, which signifies a spiritual path we all take through life. The pieces take the listener down aural roads from one composition to the next. We are transported to the future through dreams and left feeling wistful and nostalgic as if remembering the distant past.

November 1, 2007

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