The Albums of Ayreheart

While Ronn has been recording renaissance and baroque music for over twenty years, his original compositions, the music of Ayreheart, only came to the forefront with the 2009 Grammy® nominated album, Indigo Road. Ronn's follow-up solo recording, One Morning, was the first album to feature Ayreheart members Willard Morris and Mattias Rucht. The group is currently working on new original music, which will be featured on a future Ayreheart-branded release.

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    One Morning (2010)

    One Morning brings together all the instrumentalists of Ayreheart for the first time on a recording.  The instrumental tracks Before the Wind, Snapdragon, Wolf Summit, Borderland and Union Bridge, as well as the songs Sings in her Sleep and One Morning (full band version) are all regularly heard live at Ayreheart shows.

    Track List

    1. One Morning
    2. Borderland
    3. Before the Wind
    4. Man of Arms
    5. Snapdragon
    6. A Day in November
    7. Wolf Summit
    8. Union Bridge
    9. Bad Hair Day
    10. Dakota Days
    11. Nocturne
    12. On the Heath: Thistle
    13. On the Heath: Honeysuckle
    14. On the Heath: Haeddre
    15. Lullaby for Anne
    16. Sings in Her Sleep
    17. One Morning (Full Band Version)
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    Indigo Road (2007)

    Indigo Road is the first album of original lute music by Ronn McFarlane.  Although Indigo Road is supposedly a solo album with a generous helping of guest artists, it contains several of the pieces that have become staples of Ayreheart concerts:  Cathedral Cave, Pinetops, Sycamore and Overland.  Ayreheart member Mindy Rosenfeld contributes flute and harp to many of the tracks on this album.

    Track List

    1. Cathedral Cave
    2. Indigo Road
    3. Denali
    4. Overland
    5. Pinetops
    6. Blue Norther
    7. Chocolate Factory
    8. Rosa
    9. Uncharted Waters
    10. Sycamore
    11. Dowland's Goodnight
    12. Early Christmas Morning
    13. Gigue
    14. Thistleheart
    15. Over the Green Earth
    16. Augusta