Booking Information

If you want to inquire about booking Ayreheart or simply send us a message, please fill out this handy post card and we’ll reply right away.

Ayreheart offers three different programs for various venues and audiences:

Original Music

Ayreheart plays an eclectic mix of Renaissance-inspired Folk, Celtic and Acoustic Rock originals. Ayreheart members are multi-instrumentalists; their shows include vocals, lutes, guitar, bass, percussion, mandolin, violin, komuz, and colascione in the mix.

Renaissance Music

Performing as a quartet (vocals, two lutes, colascione and percussion) Ayreheart offers “Will You Walk the Woods so Wild,” a program of Renaissance music from the British Isles. Music of John Dowland, William Byrd and John Johnson are featured, as well as old ballad tunes from England, Scotland and Wales.

“When Centuries Collide” (mixed program)

Centuries collide when Ayreheart mixes Renaissance music and acoustic rock originals together in the same show.